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The ProExporter Network®

PRX specializes in the major US crops—corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum, and barley. PRX research covers everything which affects these crops, from the square kilometer to the globe, from weather and crop size to domestic and international politics, and from this week to a strategic view of the next ten years and beyond. PRX analyzes world supply-demand—with special emphasis on China’s corn and livestock sectors, and on South American grains, oilseeds, and sugarcane ethanol. PRX also covers corn residues (cobs and stalks) as well as competing cellulosic materials and other forms of alternative energy.

The goal of PRX is to integrate the geography of American biomass supply with the locus of world food and feed demand, as affected by ever-changing world economic growth, exchange rates, energy prices, and policies. PRX is an industry leader in site location analysis, as well as in penetrating analysis of ethanol regulations—such as RINs, the EPA’s proposed RFS2, and California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

Over the past 20 years, PRX has developed what its users consider the most powerful mapping system in existence for detailed analysis of U.S. grain movements, the impact of these flows on cash prices, and the tactical and strategic aspects of operating and locating grain facilities in the United States. This GIS mapping system, called the Commodity Market Zone Analysis (CMZA), was developed in collaboration with NASA’s Space Remote Sensing Center.

The PRX mapping system, which twenty years ago was focused on domestic and export supply-demand, more recently became in the standard in the ethanol investment community for site location analysis, corn basis impact studies, and understanding the geographic and transportation aspects of ethanol expansion. With energy price and policy changes, the system is now used as well for consolidation studies.

PRX is a recognized leader in clear communication of complex information and has developed hyperlinked navigation aids among its many hundreds of tables and charts. Files are provided both in PDF format and Powerpoint, so that clients may easily incorporate pertinent PRX slides in their own presentations.

PRX seminars are regarded as the most “powerful and entertaining” way to learn about the trends and policy details affecting grain markets, and to network with the full variety of companies in the crop supply-demand chain—including farmer groups, elevators, agri-banks, seed and fertilizer companies, railroads, barge companies, and processors.


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PRX Supply-Demand Samples


US Corn, PRX vs. USDA

US Corn, PRX Detail

US Corn, PRX Blue Sky 10 Years

State Corn, PRX Illinois

State Corn, PRX Bubble Map of Flows

Substate Corn, PRX Region Map

Substate Corn, PRX Region Flows

Ethanol, PRX Weekly Usage

Ethanol, PRX Supply Demand, Crop Years

State DDG, PRX Bubble Map of Flows

The hundreds of PRX files permit users to “drill down” to the finest details possible, but also to come back up to the “big picture.” Files are provided in both PDF and Powerpoint formats.

Policy Study Samples



Politically Driven Demand Episodes and the Future of American Agriculture

Each month, PRX provides written essays in plain language, interpreting key policies and their impact on markets. In the California case, PRX posted an analysis of “Land Use Change” on the CARB public docket.

John Stewart & Associates

The ProExporter Network® has benefited from long-standing collaboration with John Stewart & Associates (JSA), an agricultural risk management and consulting service now headquartered in St. Joseph, MO. JSA’s founder and namesake, John Stewart, was an integral part of the formation of PRX in 1988 and an important contributor to PRX’s analytical system.

JSA is today led by principals Tom Tucker, based in San Antonio, Texas, Doug Schultz, based in St. Joseph, Missouri, and Mike (Rocky) Rokala based in Minneapolis, MN. The firm is an introducing broker for ADM Investor Services, Inc. (ADMIS) and a leading provider of risk management services to the elevators, ethanol, livestock producers, feed manufacturers, and processor industries.

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