Description of Services

The Standard Annual Subscription ranges from $9,500 to $12,000.

  • Email consultation and scheduled conference/video calls (based on availability) with PRX principals concerning interpretation of PRX analyses and their applicability to client-specific situations.
  • All supply-demand files via PRX website, available after each major USDA report, such as WASDE, Grain Stocks, Acreage, and Prospective Plantings.
  • Key reports via e-mail, such as the PRX Grain Market Overview, the PRX Digest (a 79-page compendium of the most popular pages from the hundreds of pages of supply-demand data on the PRX website), PRX Biomass-Based Diesel, and the PRX Ethanol Report (which updates supply-demand weekly and monthly). Standard subscribers may designate multiple email recipients.
  • PRX Blue Sky Model: a running 10-year projection for corn, soybeans, wheat and biofuels, based on the combination of a dozen or more economic and policy assumptions chosen by PRX to fit the current situation, and solved at the state level—giving detailed supply-demand, farm price estimates, transportation flows, DDG production and usage, and other key variables.
  • Special reports on key issues and developments in the grain markets, known as PRX “Think Pieces.” These white papers are illustrated with charts and tables on such topics as “The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007,” “California’s Approach to ‘Land Use Change’ in CO-2 Reduction,” and “Critique of the DOE Annual Energy Outlook.”
  • Attendance at all PRX seminars each at a low “cost of meeting” client rate. Seminars are typically held in Kansas City in March and Roundtable Meetings in May and November. PRX Roundtables are one day meetings for senior client staff, in which clients in essence “sit in” on the semi-annual PRX Staff meeting, listen to brief presentations on issues and problems, and ask their own specific questions. Client feedback drives the assumptions and inputs for the PRX Blue Sky Model. These events offer a valuable networking opportunity of agribusiness insiders. Currently due to Covid-19 we’ve shifted to a virtual approach for meetings.

Additional Custom Services are available by quotation, including:

  • Access to PRX Excel files for client internal use.
  • Small area geographic studies of county supply-demand.
  • Full site feasibility studies of areas and regions, using PRX satellite-based geographical information system, developed in conjunction with NASA’s Space Remote Sensing Center in Stennis, MS.
  • Ethanol Impact Quarterly (EIQ), showing all ethanol processing locations in the cornbelt and their grain origination areas.
  • Soybean Crusher Quarterly, showing all soybean processing locations in the cornbelt, along with their grain origination areas.
  • Visits by PRX principals to client locations for outlooks and customer meetings.
Notebook Client Files
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"PRX offers a unique approach toward transparency and simplification in highly complex Ag market and policy analysis. Their blend of client collaboration, topical focus, clear presentation and spontaneous dissemination place them among our most trusted business allies."

—Neill McKinstray, President of Ethanol Group, The Andersons

"Marathon has been a client of PRX since May of 2006 and has valued their information in the areas of M&A, Corn Market, Biofuel Market, and Policy Analysis."

—Jerry D. Morehart, Commercial Development Manager, Marathon Petroleum Company, LP

"PRX is one of the few research firms that our association uses. We appreciate their personal service and prompt attention to our requests. Their information is always helpful when I need to make a presentation."

—Rick Tolman, Former CEO, National Corn Growers Association