Client Files

The ProExporter Network® Grain Data System is extensive and detailed. Files are structured at the state and US level, aimed at analysis of cash price differentials.

For the Big Picture, PRX provides the “Grain Market Overview” and the “PRX Digest,” along with a steady stream of prose summaries, called “Think Pieces,” which interpret key strategic issues facing agribusiness. PRX is unique in providing a rolling “Blue Sky Model” (again at the state and US level) of the coming 10 years of corn and soybean supply-demand and price, based on changing assumptions about policy and other factors. All files are in PDF format along with a few excel files, and PRX clients are welcome to select from these for their own presentations.


Summary reports with select pages from regular PRX reports.

Standard Reports

Commodity and topic specific state level reports for corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum, barley, DDG, grain storage, and quarterly supply-demand tables for the grains listed above.


US level reports for ethanol, both weekly and monthly. US Ethanol production capacity and consumption by state. US Biomass-based diesel monthly.

Grain Exports/Imports

Export reports for all grains by port and mode of transportation, including specific reports for Mexico.

Regional Supply-Demand

Regional supply‑demand reports including corn and soybeans by Ag Statistical District (ASD) in the cornbelt, corn by ASD for the Panhandle region, corn demand by eastern and western markets and Panhandle feed demand.

World Supply-Demand

Periodic reports on World, China and Black Sea grain supply-demand and more.

Blue Sky

PRX Blue Sky Model 10 year outlook and group of files the make up the entire collection of Blue Sky Reports.

Specialized Spreadsheets

Customizable state level spreadsheets for corn and soybean supply‑demand tables.

Staff Study Decks

Strategic Planning Decks

Think Pieces

Written analysis of key topics important to the PRX client community. Topics include biofuels, world and domestic grain markets, livestock/meat demand, and prominent government policies.

Latest Seminar

All the presentations for the latest PRX Seminar.

Inside Look at PRX Client Files

PRX Sample Files

File NameFile TypesPublishedUpdated
PRX_Ethanol_MonthlyEthanol Supply-Demand12/07/171/26/21
PRX_EthanolWeeklyEthanol Supply-Demand12/06/171/26/21
PRX_Corn_BubbleMapBubble Map12/12/171/26/21
PRX_DDG_BubbleMapBubble Map12/12/171/26/21
PRX_CornForE25in2030Ethanol Podcast10/21/1510/21/15

"PRX offers a unique approach toward transparency and simplification in highly complex Ag market and policy analysis. Their blend of client collaboration, topical focus, clear presentation and spontaneous dissemination place them among our most trusted business allies."

—Neill McKinstray, President of Ethanol Group, The Andersons

"Marathon has been a client of PRX since May of 2006 and has valued their information in the areas of M&A, Corn Market, Biofuel Market, and Policy Analysis."

—Jerry D. Morehart, Commercial Development Manager, Marathon Petroleum Company, LP

"PRX is one of the few research firms that our association uses. We appreciate their personal service and prompt attention to our requests. Their information is always helpful when I need to make a presentation."

—Rick Tolman, Former CEO, National Corn Growers Association